6 Tips for Finding a Healthcare Job in Another State

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How to Find a Job in Another State - 6 Tips for Healthcare Professionals

Do you dream of looking out your window and seeing the Rocky Mountains? Do you envision going to a warm, sandy beach after your shift at the hospital instead of driving home in the snow? One big hurdle stands in the way of making your fantasy a reality, the difficulty of finding a job in another state.

Recruiters prefer local candidates. You also miss out on certain referral networks when you don’t live there. There is no best way to look for a job in another state; however, you can use the following strategies to increase your odds of success.

Reach out to Recruiters

Recruiters earn money when they fill openings with qualified candidates. It is a very competitive industry. When a motivated, job-seeking doctor or nurse contacts them, they want to place that person ASAP.

Reach out to recruiters that specialize in your field. Make sure they know you’re committed to a move. Discuss how much notice you need for an interview and if a prospective employer will pay for travel expenses.

Target Employers of Interest

If a hospital that you respect doesn’t have an opening right now that fits you, don’t despair. Call the executive that handles your area of expertise and let that person or his/her assistant know you really want to work there and are interested in suitable openings. Contact Human Resources only if you cannot reach a decision maker.

You might know the type of facility (hospital, clinic, etc.) where you want to work, but you aren’t familiar with the ones in that area. You can use resources such as Reference USA to find a list of medical organizations in your target city. Reference USA contains executives’ names, the addresses of prospective employers, and is available at your local library.

Contact the Local Alumni Association

You invested a substantial amount of money to earn your degree(s). Make sure you leverage your alumni association in your job search. Contact the chapter where you want to relocate.

A well-run chapter helps people get to know an area. They should have members that can advise you on the best way to look for a job.

Enlist the Help of Professional Associations

Professional associations provide many ways to network with decision makers in your target city. Attend conferences and panels to introduce yourself to fellow healthcare professionals. Also, check with association leaders for the names of members with experience helping people search for a job in another state.

Gear Your Cover Letter and Resume for the Move

If you have a friend or family member where you want to move, put that person’s address on your resume and cover letter. Eliminating a street address from your resume and cover letter is another tactic to get recruiters to call you.

If you’re not comfortable with that advice, state why you want to relocate in a straightforward manner. Emphasize that you can quickly move to the area. State that you are willing to pay for relocation if it is unlikely that an employer will pay those costs.

Use Specialty Job Sites

Search Indeed and CareerBuilder as a last resort. Too many people complain that general sites are a “black hole” where you email your resume and never hear from anyone. Medical job sites provide you with a list of positions in your target city.

There are sites that help you find a wide variety of healthcare specific jobs from locum tenens physician jobs to travel nurse positions and everything in between. Professional associations for nurses, physicians, and other healthcare professionals can also be good options.

Try a Variety of Tactics

There is no single best way to look for a job. Job searches require a variety of tactics. Networking (whether through direct contact with employers or associations) is often overlooked, yet frequently quite successful.

It is a major undertaking to search for a job in another state. If you have experience relocating, please share your tips in the comments section!

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