Hired for the Holidays: Your Job Search Strategy for the Season

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hired for the holidays

If all you want for the holidays is a job, it’s not going to come in your stocking — but that doesn’t mean getting hired shouldn’t be on your wish list. As 2015 comes to a close, employers want to ensure that their leftover hiring budget isn’t allocated elsewhere, and they’re eager to fill up positions before the New Year starts. Additionally winter is coming, which means winternships are coming: many students have longer winter breaks — some lasting anywhere from 4 to 6 weeks long, and employers want to capitalize on their free time. 

Here’s why you should ramp up your efforts this holiday season.

Less competition

Because of the common misconception that no one is hiring during the holidays, many job seekers will relax their job search even though the number of open positions hasn’t decreased. If hiring needs haven’t been met by the holidays, then employers are still looking to place candidates in open roles. Continuing your job search when other candidates are stalled means that the odds are in your favor.

Not to mention, January and February mark the strongest hiring periods of the year. Even if you don’t get hired by Christmas, making sure your materials (resume, cover letter, references and letters of recommendation) are updated and ready to send to employers will allow you to be a more competitive candidate when the new year arrives.

Holiday parties

Spirits are high, and people are ready to mingle – what better way to leverage your job search needs than attending a holiday party? While you shouldn’t go around shouting, “Do YOU want to hire me?!” before anyone’s even had a chance to sip some eggnog, holiday parties are a great way to network with friends and friends of friends who may be able to put in a good word for you at their respective companies. You may even have the opportunity to get your face and name in front of the decision-makers. At WayUp, we often use our parties to pitch our company to potential candidates so that they can’t wait to apply!

Employers are human too.

Not everything can be planned ahead of time, which means that employers may be faced with unexpected hiring needs this season. This past summer on WayUp, we saw companies posting summer internships well into July, and we’re expecting the same pattern for winternships. As a job seeker, you should be ready at all times: Don’t let anything hold you back when the perfect opportunity comes up.

Happy Holidays! Keep your eyes peeled for all the incredible jobs and internships coming in this season.

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By Kema Christian-Taylor - WayUp Staff - WayUp
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