January 6, 2021 Ask Me Anything Winter Break Series

Welcome to the CDC’s Ask Me Anything Winter break series.

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Today’s question is:  Can I still get a position during COVID?

In short, YES, so many companies are still hiring! The job market does not look the same as is it did before the COVID pandemic shifted the way the world functions. This means, that we also have to shift the way we are framing our search for opportunities. Looking critically at your transferable skills is a strategy that can support you as you do your research on what opportunities to apply for during this time.

Here are some suggestions and items to keep in mind:

  • Do your research on which industries have increased hiring, are currently still hiring, and which companies have frozen their recruitment and hiring. This LinkedIn list from their news editor is a good place to start.
    • The health care industry is hiring more workers. Other companies such as Aldi, Amazon, Walgreens, and Pepsi are looking to hire employees. The tech field such as Apple, Facebook, and Google are looking for cybersecurity, data science, and software engineering people.
  • Use multiple job search engines, that includes Rutgers-Newark Handshake, because these are employers and recruiters that are actively recruiting for Rutgers-Newark students in specific.
    • Other job search engines include LinkedIn, Indeed, Idealist, Glassdoor, and company websites, to just name a few.
  • Make sure all of your information is updated, that includes your resume, and online profiles such as Rutgers-Newark Handshake, LinkedIn, and etc.…
  • Keep in mind that the hiring process is taking longer than it may pre-pandemic.
  • Be sure you are applying for multiple positions and tailoring each application.
    • Yes, the saying is true, applying for a job is a full-time job.
  • Utilize the practice interview resources that are available such as Interview Stream, which is located on Rutgers-Newark Handshake.

As always, we are here to support you with all your career needs! You can also schedule an appointment with a career coach or stop by during our drop-in times.


By Career Development Center
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