January 7, 2021 Ask Me Anything Winter Break Series

Welcome to the CDC’s Ask Me Anything Winter break series.

Missed yesterday’s? We got you:  https://careers.newark.rutgers.edu/blog/2021/01/06/january-6-2021-ask-me-anything-winter-break-series/

Today’s question is:  There was a panel on social justice in the fall that I missed. Will you have it again in the spring?

You can watch the recording of all our events on our CDC Canvas Course!

Here is the link to our CDC Canvas course: https://rutgers.instructure.com/courses/95751

How to sign into the CDC Canvas course:

  • Steps to signing into CDC Canvas:
  • Log into Canvas
  • At the top of your dashboard, accept invitation to join course
  • Then, click on the Courses tab from the Navigation menu
  • Last, click on the CDC Course link

Currently, we have the follow on the course:

We are having a whole new set of identity and industry panels in the Spring 2021 semester that includes:


Industry Panel Government, Law, Public Policy Panel 3-Feb
Career Identity Panel First Gen 9-Feb
Career Identity Panel with ODS Panel 23-Feb
Industry Panel Natural Resources, Sustainability, & Environmental Science 3-Mar
Career Identity Panel Voices of Second Chance 10-Mar
Career Identity Panel Religion 25-Mar
Career Identity Panel Student Athletes 6-Apr
Industry Panel Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals, & Sciences 7-Apr
Industry Panel Explore Multiple Options 21-Apr



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