Gain experience in the hands-on, 3-credit Braven Accelerator course

As you’re putting together your academic schedule for the spring semester, we hope you’ll consider enrolling in Braven’s 3-credit course: HLLC Special Topics II: Braven Accelerator (designed for sophomores and juniors but open to all students). In just one semester, Braven will help you start making progress on your career goals regardless of where you are in your journey. You’ll develop the skills, networks, confidence, and experiences necessary to land a strong job. Plus, you’ll grow your community of peers and professionals who are rooting for you to succeed and willing to help you along the way.

Aaliyah C enrolled in the Braven class during the fall 2018 semester and credits the class for helping her to “find her place.” She says, “As a transfer student not knowing anyone, Braven gave me a family and a community. Braven also helped me land my job. If it wasn’t for my Leadership Coach, I wouldn’t have known I wanted to be a teacher. I probably wouldn’t have secured a teaching job after college. My coach helped me figure out my passions, what I want to do, and develop the skills I needed. I now get to use the skills I learned in Braven to pay it forward and am helping my older brother.”


She recommends the class to any and all RU-N students looking to grow professionally and personally. During the Braven course, she says, she was able to gain real experience interviewing and working with a company on a consulting program. “It got me out of my comfort zone and made me be a better speaker,” she says. Aaliyah graduated this May 2020 and is now attending Johns Hopkins University for graduate school and a teacher with Urban Teachers.Hear more about her experience in this 1-minute video


Are you ready to start working towards your future internship or job? You can register directly on WebReg after November 30th. There are 3 sections of “HLLC Special Topics II: Braven Accelerator” available:

    1. Tuesday –  index code: 02896
    2. Wednesday – index code: 02897
    3. Friday – index code: 02895


In the meantime, for more information, you can:

  • Sign up to learn more about Braven here
  • Check out their syllabus 
  • Chat with the Braven Program Manager, Patrice
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