January 14, 2021 Ask Me Anything Winter Break Series

Welcome to the CDC’s Ask Me Anything Winter break series.

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Today’s question is:  Question: How can I stand out in the applicant pool?

Short Answer: Tailor all of your documents, do your research, highlight transferable skills, and show genuine enthusiasm!

  • Do your research: Knowing about the organization supports the direction your documents and interviews go with the recruiter. Your answers and examples will be more thoughtful and related to the position. Researching also strengthens why you want to be part of the organization.
    • Understanding the organization also bolsters whether your values align with the company’s, and this can help you stand out of the applicant pool!
  • Tailor all of your documents: This is very important to pass through applicant tracking systems. Applicant tracking systems look for key words that the job description highlights and whether your documents connect the job description to your background. Be sure to utilize the job description as a guiding post while you are working on the documents for the position. Also remember to connect your background with what they are asking for.
    • Emphasize transferable skills! Transferable skills are skills that you can be highlighted from one area of your background to another.
  • During interviews, come with questions! Asking questions that are unique and thoughtful can make you stand from the other applicants. Avoid questions that an easily be found on their website homepage.
  • Audit your own online presence: Knowing what is out there when others search you gives you the autonomy to edit what you want others to see. Create an online presence that reflects how you want others to view you.
  • Show genuine enthusiasm!

As always, we are here to support you with all of your career needs! You can also schedule an appointment with a career coach or stop by during our drop-in times.

By Career Development Center
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