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What is National Intern Day?

Did you know that Thursday, July 29th, is National Intern Day?

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In past years, they have trended #1 on Twitter, and are hoping to repeat that success this week!

National Intern Day is a holiday created by WayUp that’s dedicated to recognizing and celebrating the future leaders of the world: interns! WayUp launched the holiday back in 2017 to help bring attention to the challenges and inequalities that entry-level candidates face in the workforce. Because at WayUp, we know that internships are not just a “nice to have” on a student’s resume. They are a real opportunity to change the makeup of the workforce for years to come.

After years of research and millions of data points, we found that one of the biggest changes employers could make was paying their interns. Not only do paid internships drive more equality in the workplace but they have the potential to change the world. So we set out to create this national holiday to make companies see how investing in a diverse internship program can be an investment in the future of their company.

Since launching the national holiday, WayUp has helped thousands of employers across the country commemorate their intern class each year. The holiday also coordinates with WayUp’s coveted 100 Top Internship Programs List, which showcases the employers who go above and beyond for their interns. After all, the interns of today are truly the leaders of tomorrow—and what companies do today will directly shape our future.

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