Interviewing with a Robot: How to Prepare for AI Interviews

Okay, so maybe you won’t be sitting down with R2-D2, but the possibility that your next screening interview will be processed using artificial intelligence is more likely than you think. And it’s becoming more and more common across industries.

One of the best ways to prepare for an interview is by actually delivering your responses verbally, in a setting that closely resembles the one for your actual interview. Practicing on your own is certainly a good start, but if you can get feedback on what you did well and what you can improve on for next time, you’ll be well on your way to ensuring you’ll make it through both AI screening processes, and human-facilitated interviews as well!

Watch this video to learn how to ensure your video, audio, and the content of your responses are all working to help you succeed in an AI interview screening process.

Now it’s time for you to practice! Log in to Quinncia (as a Rutgers student, you have free access to this tool!), click on activate license, then complete a practice interview! Don’t get discouraged if it’s not perfect the first time. You’d rather have Quinncia be the one to give you that feedback rather than an AI system! And because Quinncia gives you quick feedback, you can make adjustments and try again to improve your performance.

The time to prep for an AI interview is now, and it only takes a few minutes! Log in to Quinncia and get started today!

By Mary [uConnect]
Mary [uConnect] Mary [uConnect]