5 Things You Can Do This Winter Break to Get Career Ready

Winter break is a great time to keep your career prep moving so that you are ready for spring recruiting, summer internships, on-campus jobs, whatever is next for you! And the good news is that there are some key actions you can take that don’t take much time at all. So you’ll still be able to rest and recharge before the semester starts up again.

  1. Check your resume (5 minutes)
    • Find out what you need to do to get your resume in tip-top shape by running it through Quinncia’s AI platform. You’ll get instant feedback to make sure your resume makes it through an initial screening process that uses an applicant tracking system (ATS).
    • Then you can visit the Career Development Center’s page for all things resume! Remember that your resume is a work in progress. This is a document you’ll be editing a LOT, so it’s good to keep this on your radar even if you aren’t actively searching for a job.
  2. Practice a few interview questions (15 minutes)
    • While you’re in Quinncia working on your resume, check out their mock interviewing tool. Interviews can be a stressful experience, and practicing beforehand is the best way to build your confidence. And when you go show up for an interview feeling confident, employers notice! They’ll send you an assessment afterwards, then you can return to the platform again and work on getting a higher score!
    • A higher score in Quinncia means you’re that much more prepared to make it through a screening interview and on to the in-person interview!
  3. Get clear on your career goals (30 minutes)
    • This is the perfect time to reflect on your career goals and clarify your next steps. If you’ve decided on your major and the industry you want to pursue, congratulations! Take some time to think about the goals you have for the next semester, year, or 5 years, and map out your plan of action.
    • If you’re still feeling a little uncertain about your career, visit SteppingBlocks and explore different career paths, then think about how you’ll bring those to your chosen career path. You can also skim through a few Firsthand Guides for industry insights and ideas for jobs you might never have heard of before. There are so many possibilities!
  4. Build in-demand skills (30 minutes- 2 hours)
    • Whether you just have one minute or you want to spend a few hours leveling up your skills, LinkedIn Learning has tons of options for free courses. Select the courses that best align with your goals. Courses include topics as general as time management and as specific as algorithmic trading and stocks. Choose your own adventure, and enjoy learning concepts and skills for success!
  5. Grow your network (10 minutes)
    • When was the last time you looked at your LinkedIn profile? If it’s been a minute and the idea of updating your profile feels daunting, it doesn’t have to be! Follow the steps in this guide to get your profile up to date and ready for your network in just 10 minutes.
    • LinkedIn is a great platform to learn about different organizations and connect with people who can help you along your career path. Now that your profile is looking spiffy, take a look around and start building your network!


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By Mary [uConnect]
Mary [uConnect]