Idealist Careers Try This Challenge # 5 | Refresh Your Resume

Congrats! You’ve made it to the fifth and final challenge in the #IdealistCareersTryThis Challenge series. To wrap up all of the great work you’ve done the last few weeks, it’s time for the ever-dreaded (and ever- important) resume and cover …

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The Idealist Careers Guide to Understanding Employee Benefits

Here is a short list of some common benefits currently being offered at many organizations across the sector. Take a read through to understand what each benefit may include as well as what questions to ask (and what you may …

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How Can I Transition into the Corporate Social Responsibility Field?

Lea from Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health asks:

“How do I get into the field of corporate social responsibility? I come from a socio-medical public health background. What kind of skills and training are considered assets? If I’m …

By The Campus Career Coach
The Campus Career Coach | Real-world career advice for students.
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Idealist Careers Try This Challenge #4 | Learn Something New

Welcome to the Idealist Careers Try This Challenge # 4! You’ve already have had a chance to consider your professional successes, identified opportunities for growth, and taken steps to nurture your network. Now it’s time to learn something new!

Challenge #4

This …

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5 Considerations for a Truly Inclusive Office Space

Is the design of your office inclusive? It may comply with federal regulations for accessibility, but does it really accommodate employees of all ages, abilities, and genders? From lighting to bathroom signage, the design of today’s modern office should match …

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Idealist Careers Try This Challenge #3 | Reconnect with Your Network

How’s it going so far? Have you completed Challenges 1 and 2? Here’s a perfect opportunity for you to freshen up your contacts.

Challenge #3

Set a calendar reminder for the 15th of each of the remaining months in 2020. …

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Idealist Careers Try This Challenge #2 | Where Can You Grow?

How did Challenge #1 go? Were you able to detail five professional successes from 2019? Did you recall a success you had perhaps forgotten about? Be sure to keep us posted on your “aha moments” (or your “I’m-totally-and-completely-stumped moments”) by …

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Idealist Careers Try This Challenge #1 | Reflect on Your Successes

Back by popular demand, allow me to (re)introduce the #IdealistCareersTryThis Challenge!

In January of 2019 (remember that?!) over 600 members of the Idealist Careers community committed to complete one career-related challenge each month for the first five months of the …

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2019 Hiring Insights | Part 3, What Job Seekers Get Wrong

Earlier this year, we asked 105 hiring managers and HR professionals to share their insights into the hiring process.

They came back to us with everything from their take on resume length to how much time they really spend reviewing …

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Who’s Hiring? 7 Orgs Working with Children

Nelson Mandela once said, “The true character of society is revealed in how it treats its children.” When you help a child, you’re not only helping them in that moment, but shaping how they’ll view the world as they grow. …

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