The COVID-19 Job Search

This is an unexpected and challenging time, certainly for those who are seeking employment or other opportunities. While each person’s individual circumstances and career goals are different, we hope to offer you information, strategies, and resources to help you be as strategic and focused as possible.

This page will be updated as frequently as possible, to provide you with a central resource to plan and adjust your strategies as needed.

Five Step Process to the Job Search

In this moment, it may feel like everything is out of your control. We encourage you to focus on what you are able to control, and create a plan that helps you stay as connected as possible to your career goal. With that in mind, here are five steps to creating a focused and flexible job search plan:


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Braven Contingency Planning Guide

How to get hired in a tight job market!

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“In the unprecedented situation our community, nation, and world are facing, we know that many students face increased financial constraints.  …

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