Faculty Focused Programming

The CDC offers professional development for faculty. Additionally, the CDC provides opportunities for collaboration by inviting faculty to share their expertise on our website or programmed events.

2 Workshop Offerings

  1. Reframing Existing Assignments to Connect Career to Curriculum. Explicitly connecting coursework to employable skills does not necessarily require the creation of new course assignments. Bring an assignment you already use in one of your courses. Through collaboration with other attendees and the workshop leaders, you will explore how to make salient the connections between careers and curriculum.
  2. Syllabus Creation and Course Planning to Connect Career to Curriculum. Take this time to plan your course materials or syllabus in collaboration with your colleagues to explicitly reiterate the skills students are developing that they’ll need for their futures and infuse career readiness practices. A CDC consultant will provide sample syllabus blurbs, assignment examples, and consultation to address the unique needs of your course.

Share your expertise with the CDC

  1. Contribute to the resources the CDC has available by writing blogs for our website or creating a video for our website and Canvas course to share your insights.
  2. Be a panelist on one of the CDC’s industry/identity panels

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