Federal Bureau of Prisons “Reentering Your Community” Handbook

“Reentering your community can be more manageable when you’re aware of services and resources available to help.

This handbook contains 3 checklists:

  • for before your release,
  • just after you return home,
  • and later, when you’re a bit more settled in.

It also includes additional information in specific areas where you may have questions or be looking for tools available to you. Be sure to review these lists, and discuss them and questions you may have with your Case Manager, Bureau Social Worker, or Reentry Affairs Coordinator.

Reentry can be a complicated process – others have felt the same way. But many of them were able to overcome this and have succeeded in finding work, supporting themselves and their families, and more. We want you to achieve the same. You are a member of your community, and we want to help you transition home and succeed.”

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