Have you ever heard of an Applicant tracking system (ATS)? Believe it or not, you’ve likely interfaced with one when applying to a job or internship.

About 90% of all companies are using them, specifically to screen applicant’s resumes. ATS is set up to reject resumes for the little things like margins, font size, or font type, and the more critical things like relevant skills and experiences.

Crazy, huh? You may now be curious if your resume is ATS-friendly and ready for the job application process.

To check, register to Quinncia.io today and upload your resume to receive a full analysis with feedback!

Once you log in, remember to click activate license so you can access all the features!

Quinncia Walkthrough: https://help.quinncia.io/article/272-introduction-to-quinncia-student-walkthroughLinktoaccess:quinncia.io/access



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