4 Benefits of Taking a Gap Year before Med School

4 Benefits of Taking a Gap Year before Med School was originally published on The Campus Career Coach.

If you are heading into medical school, it can be a daunting scene. You will be looking at years of hard work. You will have little down time. And the reality is, taking a gap year is a great idea. Here are four benefits that you should consider when taking a gap year before going to med school once and for all:

You Will Have More Time to Prepare

Your MCAT score is a very large part of the equation when it comes to getting into medical school. Not only that, but your score will also determine which schools you can go to in the first place. Many students make the mistake of rushing into medical school.

Instead, if you take a gap year, you can take advantage of a MCAT preparation course. That way, you know what kinds of questions are going to be on the test. You can practice in the safety of your own home, without risking failing the exam. This way, when you finally take the real thing you will ace it.

You Will Be Young (While You Are Still Young)

It’s all well and good to be young at heart at any age. However, there are certain things that it will be easier to do when you are still in your early 20’s. One of these things is traveling, or trying a new business idea, or just embracing other passions you might have. It will only get harder once you enter med school.

Save up Money

If you think you are going to have time to hold down a full time job while going to med school, think again. In fact, studying and test taking are going to be full time jobs on top of your actual classes and assignments. A gap year lets you get your finances in better order.

Rest Your Mind

Your brain is busy from four years of cramming for tests in college. It might not be as sharp if you keep demanding so much from it. If you come back from a gap year, you will be refreshed and ready to learn again.

If you want to become a medical professional, then it takes a lot of hard work. You may be prepared for that. However, you might want to consider taking a short gap year. That way, you can experience the benefits above and more. Then, when you finally go to med school you will truly be ready and happy about the choices you have made.

By The Campus Career Coach
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