About the Community

If you are still deciding on a career industry or have interests in several industries, we encourage you to explore the information and resources on the specific industry pages. It is not just one single factor that determines one’s path. The key to making informed choices involves a combination of activities: self-exploration, research, and experiential engagement (e.g., student activities, volunteering). Moreover, making a decision about a career does not close off other possibilities. Most people’s careers will likely change direction 5-6 times over the course of their lifetime.

As you explore your options, it may help for you to think about how those possibilities connect to who you are and what you want your career to represent. Here are a few factors to consider:

  • Values (What’s important to you?)
  • Personality (How do you describe yourself?)
  • Interests (What do you enjoy?)
  • Strengths (What is easy for you to do?)
  • Skills (What can you do well?)
  • Past experiences/activities (What has been meaningful to you?)
  • Personal goals (short- and long-term) (What do you hope to do?)