Jobs and Internships

Searching for internships and jobs can take lots of time and effort! To have the greatest chance of success, it’s best to use multiple approaches. Be present and share what you’re doing with those who may be able to support you: discuss options with staff and faculty, participate in campus events such as company information sessions, and stay active in student organizations. Seek opportunities through Rutgers-Newark Handshake while also staying connected to your network.

Five steps to keep you focused during the search:

  • Step 1 – Prepare Your Materials

    • These documents are essential for most job and internship searches. You can find support in preparing these materials at the Career Development Center.
      • Resume/Cover Letter
      • Rutgers-Newark Handshake and LinkedIn Profile Pages
      • Thank You Letter
      • Reference Sheet
      • Work Samples/Portfolio
  • Step 2 – Identify Positions

    • It is very challenging to find something when you are unsure of what it is that you are seeking. To narrow down employer or industries in your search think of the kind of work you want to perform, and consider the skills and talents that you have to offer.
      • Do you wish to work with data, people or things?
      • What do you enjoy doing?
      • What are your strengths?
  • Step 3 – Identify Target Employers

    • Now that you have a sense of what you wish to do, it is essential that you identify the industries and organizations that may support your effort to perform this work.
      • Use resources such as Vault to research different industries.
      • Use the employer tab in Rutgers-Newark Handshake to review company profiles, view fellow student’s review of their experiences
      • Attend career fairs, information sessions to learn more about organizations and the opportunities that they offer.
      • Speak with individuals within your personal contact network such as fellow students, staff, faculty and family for ideas on organizations that may be an appropriate fit for you.
  • Step 4 – Organize Your Search

    • You can use an Excel spreadsheet to track your interactions, contact method, contact information, positions to which you have applied, and notes. Rutgers-Newark Handshake also records all positions to which you have applied using the system.
      • Create a list of your target employers
      • Set time aside daily for job/internship search activities
      • Identify sources that you will use
      • Keep notes of your applications and interactions
  • Step 5 – Execute Your Search

    Once you have prepared your materials, identified your target employers and sites for submitting your materials.
    • Apply to openings.
    • Message employers/hiring managers directly regarding your interest in working with the organization
    • Participate in events such as information sessions and attend career fairs.
    • Inform your personal contact network that you are seeking new opportunities
    • Make note of the interactions and outcomes and follow up accordingly.
    Repeat these steps and make modifications as needed based on the feedback and information you will acquire during this process.