What action will you take with your career? Small, constant progress will help you continue moving forward, no matter where you are in your career preparation.


Internship Guidelines for Students at Rutgers University- Newark (RU-N)

The Office of Career Resources and Exploration uses the NACE 7 point criteria to determine if an experience is an internship.  For more information on the NACE criteria for an experience to be defined as an internship visit: https://www.naceweb.org/about-us/advocacy/position-statements/position-statement-us-internships/. Contact us at careers@newark.rutgers.edu with any questions.

Consider your Strengths

Reflecting on what you do well, what you like to do, and what’s important to you can help you to think about how those fit with your career choices.

  • Resources within Rutgers-Newark Handshake: self-guided tools to help you learn more about yourself and connect that information to careers (myIDP, ImaginePhD, and Focus2)

Explore your Options

Learning more about careers, internships, jobs, and other opportunities can help you to know more about what you may not know exists.

Tell your Story

Communicating who you are in effective ways is the best way to get the attention of recruiters and employers. 

Deliver your Message

Connecting with others and presenting your best self will help you reach your career goals.


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A fellowship is a way for students, typically graduate or doctoral students, to get funding to support their education and training. They are available for a range of academic areas and organizations, and often involve an application process in order for students to be selected based on certain criteria. See below for fellowships that you can apply for today!