Resumes and Cover Letters


Are you ready to build your resume? Below you will find details and tips about each section that belongs on a resume.

Resume Sections

Action Words– Begin with an action verb to describe your experience bullet points; then give examples in your cover letters and interviews.

General Resume Sections– Key sections to include in your resume.

Header Contact– The examples below show the minimum information needed for an employer to contact you.

Education– The examples below display options of how to describe your educational experience and degrees earned.

Activities and Affiliations– Including your campus activities & affiliations on your resume could be a great way to capture the attention of an employer. Here are some guidelines to follow when listing affiliations on your resume.

Samples of Licensure and Certifications Section

Addresses– The Career Development Center recommends all students and alumni either reduce or remove this information entirely from their resumes for several reasons: read below for more details.

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Telling Your Story– Learn how you can utilize the “STAR method” on your resume, CV, cover letters, interviews, and anytime you tell your story.

Curriculum Vitae– In the United States, the CV or “Curriculum Vitae” is a document distinct from a resume and should not be used as a substitution, read about on how to start your “CV.”

Cover Letters

Cover letters are an essential piece of the job search. They should be utilized whenever possible when submitting a resume.

Start Your Cover Letter

Need further cover letter support? Schedule an appointment with a Career Coach.

For support in clarifying a class assignment, generating ideas, revising drafts; improving grammar and style; and strengthening reading and editing skills, please visit the Rutgers-Newark Writing Center.

Thank You Letters

Thank You Letters– Sending a thank you email after every step of the interview, including the phone screen, virtual and/or in person interview, will help you stand out!

Graduate and Professional School

Graduate and Professional School

The Curriculum Vitae


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