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Finding Harmony: Strategies for Career Service Professionals to Balance Work and Life

In the dynamic realm of career service professionals, where the line between work and personal life can often blur, finding balance is not just a luxury but a necessity. As dedicated guides nurturing the aspirations of students and alumni, these …

By CareerShift
Job hunting & career management solutions
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Fraudulent Employers: Tips for Career Centers and Students

“While students are working hard to ensure that they land an ideal opportunity, be aware that the perfect job may not be so perfect. Entities and individuals may pose as legitimate employers as part of a scam to elicit personal …

By Mary [uConnect]
Mary [uConnect] Customer Success Manager
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Building a Talent Pool in a Tight Market

In the best of times, recruiting physicians or other hospital personnel is a challenge. With historic current and predicted shortages of professionals in all areas of direct patient care, meeting need requires a streamlined recruiting process, a great reputation in …

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Drafting the Perfect Out-of-Office Email

If you’re reading this, chances are you’re seeking the perfect language to use in your out-of-office auto-reply for some upcoming time away from work. An OOO email is one of those messages that may seem simple in theory, but without an example, it …

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9 Tips for a Smooth Transition Back to the Office After Pandemic WFH

As COVID-19 restrictions ease—and depending on your location, line of work, and professional circumstances—you may be facing a return to on-site work. If this applies to you, and you’re preparing to go back to the office part or full time, …

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