Making the Most of a Temp Job

We take temporary jobs for a number of reasons—a job loss, a move to a new town, the desire for a more flexible schedule in order to pursue a side gig, or just a much-needed paycheck. If you’re lucky, your …

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6 Job Search Tips for New Grads and Anyone Else Starting Their Careers During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Graduating from college or otherwise applying for your first professional job is stressful in any circumstance. But it feels especially daunting when the economy, the job market, and the world in general seem to be turned upside down.

As the …

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Starting a New Job Remotely During Coronavirus? Here’s What You Need to Know to Succeed

It’s natural to have first-day jitters when you start a new job. But what happens when your first day is remote? What if many days after that are also remote depending on how long the company keeps folks home as …

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How to Stay Productive in the Virtual Workplace

If you’ve never worked from home before, switching to telecommuting can certainly be an abrupt transition. This is particularly true for the thousands of social-impact professionals who have recently made the switch. On top of all the fear and panic …

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8 Tips for Combating Coronavirus Anxiety When You Still Have to Do Your Job Every Day

The COVID-19 pandemic has altered life—and work—as we know it. If you still have a job and income to count on, you already know how lucky you are compared to the millions of people who are suddenly unemployed. But that …

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17 Tech Tips and Tricks to Make Working From Home More Productive (and Fun)

Because of coronavirus, a lot of people are suddenly finding themselves working from home for the first time. Technology makes this possible. But beyond the technology you’ve already used in your job on a regular day, how can you use …

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What Does the Coronavirus Pandemic Mean for Your Job Search?

As companies move to remote work to fight the coronavirus pandemic and an increasing number of workers are being laid off or furloughed, you might be wondering if you should continue to send out resumes or just assume that no …

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Coronavirus Concerns? Here’s How to Ask for a Virtual Interview

We are officially living through some pretty scary times. Fears over the novel coronavirus, COVID-19, have already resulted in significant changes to the way we go about our daily lives. For many of us, the adjustment to “the new normal” …

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All Your Questions About Coronavirus and Work—Answered

You commute to work listening to updates on the spread of the new coronavirus. More people quarantined, more schools shut down, more deaths recorded, and more areas impacted.

You’re trying to keep a level head and not panic, doing as …

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AI for Social Good: 7 Inspiring Examples

Over the past decade, rapid advancements have made it possible for AI systems to do things we once only dreamed about. However, much of the hype around AI and machine learning tends to focus on its potential for business, productivity, …

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